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I’ve decided to keep a list of sites and articles that provide instructions for building Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. Below you will find a list of the sites I visit when searching for ideas and answers.

As I find new resources, I will update this list. If you have a resource you’d like added to this list, please leave a comment below.

Sites with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

Adafruit Learn ArduinoHundreds of Arduino articles and project ideas.
Adafruit Learn Raspberry PiHundreds of Raspberry Pi articles and project ideas.
CurcuitDigest Arduino ProjectsThe below list consist of a large collection of free Arduino Projects from Circuit Digest, including basic LCD interfacing, sensor interfacing projects to advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi project. All projects consist of neatly illustrated Arduino circuit diagram and detailed explanation, the relevant Arduino code is also provided for a complete do-it-yourself tutorial.
Eckovation EngineeringA guide for Arduino Project Ideas and exciting projects for beginners and engineering students. Arduino ProjectsWe compiled a list of Arduino projects that would be cool to design. If you have an Arduino lying around or are planning to buy one, these should come in handy. All you need is an Arduino board and some basic electronics supplies.
Electronics Hub Arduino Projects200+ Arduino Projects List For Final Year Students
hackster.ioHackster is a community dedicated to learning hardware, from beginner to pro.
MagPi MagazineMagPi Magazine is a free digital download and each edition has many projects.
oddWires Arduino Project IdeasHundreds of project ideas for Arduino.
Note, there may be a large advertisement at the top of the page, scroll down past that to see the list of project ideas.
Raspberry Pi ProjectsThe official Raspberry Pi Projects site.

If you have a site you’d like listed here, please leave a comment and I will get it added.

New to Arduino?

If you are new to Arduino development and are interested in a complete starter kit, I recommend the DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit. I use mine often to test new ideas and prototype solutions. Take a look at my review of DRDUINO and get yours today!

DRDUINO Arduino UNO Starter Kit

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